9 DIY Rolled Paper Crafts From Recycled Magazines

Ready to make some rolled paper projects? This fun creative DIY craft is a great way to recycle paper and make beautiful works of art! Keep scrolling for my favorite DIY rolled paper craft ideas.Another way to recycle magazines and create beautiful artwork at the same time, this cut paper art is not only colorful, but very easy to make!

Paper is a versatile material from which you can make many different crafts. If you have a lot of newspapers and magazines, do not rush to throw them out. You can easily make some useful things out of paper

Recycle your magazines and unwanted paper and transform them into beautiful decorations! Bring out your most creative side as we share to you several rolled paper project ideas that you can try on. Check them out below.

Rolled Paper Beads

Rolling paper into beads is a beautiful way to upcycle your trash and turn it into beautiful jewelry! You may have noticed this trend popping up at flea markets and bazaars. Try it yourself with these tips from the paper bead girl!

Rolled Paper Flower Art

This piece of art is super affordable and easy to make. A perfect craft to decorate your room with or gift to a friend!For my frame, I used the actual backing of the frame.The size of your flowers determines how much of your background will show.

Coiled Magazine Paper Bowls

This is a unique and attractive piece that anyone can make.Paper Bowls are an attractive, artistic, sustainable craft that anyone can make. They are great as conversation starters, decorator pieces and can be given as gifts.

Weaving Baskets with Newspaper

It’s so easy and simple to weave these. You can simply roll your own rope out of newspaper and weave it into a beautiful handmade basket.You can bet I will be making plenty of these faux wicker baskets for future projects, as well as for storage in the home.

DIY Paper Rose Bridal Bouquet

Amazing! These beautiful rolled paper roses are created using pages from vintage books.

Paper Dahlia Flower Wreath

Dahlias are lovely! The colors and the shape of their petals always look so happy.

Rolled Magazine Cross

Here’s an inexpensive project – all you need is an old magazine and glue. It looks really cool.

Rolled Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

This is such a cute craft and it’s very easy to make from recycled wrapping paper! Keep this one in mind for the holidays.

Rolled Paper Clock

This eclectic clock makes a wonderful DIY addition to your homemade home.Rolling paper strips is a task that she fits in among daily tasks.

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