8 Easy Backyard Projects To DIY With The Family

Turn these easy backyard projects into a family activity. Check out which furniture pieces you and the kids can make for the next DIY weekend!

Easy backyard projects are made even easier with more pairs of helping hands. What are you waiting for? Round up the family and pick a DIY project to start off with!

Pallet Planters

I’ve got 12 creative DIY pallet planters you and your family can choose from! Whether you’re in the mood for something to save floor space, or something to upcycle, this roundup is the one for you!

Tip: When making a chicken wire planter, carefully mold the chicken wire into a cone shape for an easier project.

Outdoor Drapes

Give your backyard ample shade by placing in a rod of outdoor drapes.

Tip: Don’t stress too much about cutting perfect circles for the holes on your drapes. The grommets will help cover up any mistakes. By the way, you can totally use the grommets as a stencil for your circles too!

Tree Swing

When making a DIY tree swing, it’s best to make sure the weight limit of your rope is big enough for a workable swing.

Tip: Use a double running bowline knot to tie the swing to the high branch.

Collapsible Fence Table

This collapsible fence table is a great way of adding a table without sacrificing on space. The secret lies in attaching the surface of the table to a wall. Once attached, you can lift up or collapse the table as needed.

Tip: Use tee hinges to screw the table board onto the fence.

Outdoor Seating

I love how the concrete blocks are painted in a bright color. They help give a pop of vibrance to the backyard. Start by making sure the ground is level and place your concrete blocks in place. I recommend using 4 blocks on each side and having 2 additional layers on top of each side.

Tip: Add a cushion on top of the wood frame for extra comfort.


Make a hammock with some cord and a few yards of fabric. This tutorial has both a sew and no-sew method. If you choose to do the latter, make sure the cords are tightly tied.

Garden Mirror

Make your backyard look more spacious by setting up a garden mirror. This tutorial upcycles a pair of broken windows for their garden mirrors, which makes it yet another upcycling project to admire!

Bubble Fountain

Fountains add such joy to a backyard. I, for one, can’t resist the gentle sounds of the water trickling from the fountain down to the edges — it’s just so calming. See the benefits a fountain can give you and your family when you make one for your next DIY afternoon.

Tip: Use a spur-point or dowel drill bit when drilling into the plastic pot. Also, be sure the hole you drill will fit the pump power cord for your fountain.

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