7 DIY Fleece Fabric Craft Ideas Perfect For Cold Months

It’s time to have some fun with fleece fabric craft ideas! Keep busy with these cute and useful DIY projects you can do with your friends and family!

Fleece is an essential fabric come winter time. Soft and fuzzy yet surprisingly durable and warm, this fabric is a must for your jackets, scarves, and other winter gear. But did you know that you can make lots of cool stuff out of your spare fleece? Take a look at this list of fleece fabric craft ideas that will make your afternoons indoors more fun and exciting!

There’s no reason to get bored at home if you’ve got a bolt or two of fleece around! Show some love for the quintessential winter fabric by making some adorable crafts out of it. This winter, you can never have too many fleece-y things to comfort you in the cold. More than throwing on a jacket or some colorful scarves, try these interesting takes on fleece, from pillows andblankets and even a heating pad that is very handy to have around while the weather is still so chilly.

Bottle Gift Bag

The holidays may be over, but you’re always in need of a great hostess gift idea! Be the perfect guest at your next dinner party by bringing an adorably-wrapped bottle of wine. Make a bunchto give as gifts, or keep a stash handy every time you need a quick present.

Fleece Football Hat

Have a budding football fan in the family? This awesome fleece football hat is a great way to celebrate his love for the sport while keeping him warm! Don’t be surprised if your husband asks for one, too!

Knight Helmet Hat

If your little man loves pretending to be a knight in shining armour, then why not make this craft project? Warning: It’s so awesome, he may never take it off!

Neon Fleece Pillow

When it’s all gray outside, it’s time for a pop of color inside! Screaming neon fleece pillows are awesomely stylish snuggle buddies this winter. Invite some friends over for a pillow-making party!

Upcycled Fleece Blanket

Holding on to a fleece jacket you’ve outgrown? Give it new life as this lovely fleece blanket! Now you’ll have a sweet personalized blanket for just pennies—this would make a great gift, too.

Waterless Heating Pad

Using a hot water bottle to keep you warm in bed is an old-school idea, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! Ditch your heated blanket with this DIY waterless heating pad covered in nice and comforting fleece.

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