6 DIY Crafts for Kids to Do for Summer

Looking for some ideas to occupy your kids for summer? Summer is the time when kids can waste a lot of time doing nothing and parents are bound to hear the dreaded “I’m bored” from time to time. If you want to keep your kids occupied, this list of summer crafts is sure to help.

Summer crafts are not only fun to do but it can also be very educational. It will keep kids entertained and also help kids develop creativity, improved their focusing skills, and help them building self-confidence on what simple accomplishment can bring. I am certain that kids are going to enjoy and adore these projects and I think even parents and adults will find it fun and exciting, too.

With paints and rocks, let your kids create an amazing artwork that you can proudly display on your walls.

Teach your kids the importance of recycling. Keep them busy for hours turning useless bottle caps into super cute bugs for your indoor or outdoor plants.It’s as simple as decorating the wings and giving them a name. We also glued them onto some long paddle pop sticks to insert into the garden.

Made from confetti and mod podge. Don’t have both, no problem, you can make confetti by cutting scrap paper into small pieces and glue in place of mod podge. You might have all the supplies needed at home!

A fabulous craft to pass the time and doesn’t require any tools, all you need is a yarn.Finger knitting is a really good way of getting children interested in wool crafts, and it is very easy to learn.  It also helps to improve a child’s dexterity and ability to concentrate.

This amazing project will not just give kids something to do, but also will provide them a great learning experience.Tech visual perceptual marble maze made out of a cardboard box and some straws. This one is fairly simple, but it can be useful.

Your kid will definitely love this fun project. They can create enough letters for their names and have it on their bedroom walls.Its so easy that children should be able to handle a single letter or shape just fine.

Entertained kids for few hours with a marshmallow catapulting contest.Summer days means trying to find something fun and perhaps not so educational to do for the kids. Here’s something that will occupy the kids’ time and while may appear (to them) to be a total time suck, it will teach fine motor skills, ingenuity and possibly collaborative play.

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